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Enhanced Recovery:

Enhanced recovery is a must for any Oil & Gas play regardless if it is conventional or unconventional. EOR can increase recovery factor to 65% in conventional plays and double the RF in unconventional.  We have intensive experience with CO2 & Water flood (worked on the oldest developed water and CO2 floods located in SE New Mexico East Vacuum San Andrews Units).  We are also the Pioneers in Unconventional EOR with intensive front end engineering evaluation  (Eagle Ford, Bakken, and Wolfcamp).  We provide a full package covering reservoir engineering, production operation, facilities design plus operating EOR pilot.  Here are a list of the EOR services we provide:

  • Integrated reservoir modeling

  • Reservoir fluid compatibility studies

  • Fluid design and selection

  • EOR pilot selection

  • Wellbore diagnosis, formation damage assessment, and formation remediation

  • Workover procedure, and wellbore prep prior to EOR

  • Chemical blend design, surfactant selection

  • Full package facilities design

  • Pilot startup and operation with day to day engineering support

  • Project handover, and assistant in expanding EOR field wide

Production Engineering

We provide full range of production engineering support covering the following:

  • Workovers

  • Tubing design

  • Flowback design and operation

  • Production and wellbore diagnostics, with solutions

  • Nodal analysis

  • Formation damage assessment and remediation

  • Re-Fracs (We Pioneered the Eagle Ford Re-Frac program)

  • Wellbore cleanout

  • Full package of artificial lift support (selection, design, installation, and operation):

    • Gas Lift

    • Rod Pumps

    • Gas Assisted Plunger Lift

    • ESPs

    • Jet Pumps

    • Multiphase Pumps

Facilities Engineering

Starting at the wellhead all the way to custody transfer unit we design, and operate each of the following:

  • Wellhead, X-MAS Tree, and ESD’s

  • Flow and pipelines

  • Pigging

  • Separators

  • Measurement (single and multiphase)

  • Tank Battery design (Headers, Vessels, Storage TKS, LACT Units, VRUS)

  • Gathering Systems

  • Compressor and Pumps

  • Dehy Units selection and design

  • H2S treatment selection and design

  • Process Engineering

  • Mechanical Integrity procedures and guidelines

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